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It’s all about

It's all about sophisticated products and robust infrastructure

SaaS solutions offer pay-as-you-go model for software, with anytime, anywhere access from any device. SaaS solutions are an ideal replacement for high-value, low-complexity applications hosted on premise.

A SaaS solution requires no investment in infrastructure. IT resources can be redeployed to core business functions, while maintenance and updates are factored-in. You benefit from:

  • • Secure, scalable, reliable and always available IT
  • • Improved user and customer experience
  • • Rapid time-to-value and increased user adoption

Our expertise

What do we do?

We implement SaaS solutions as part of your cloud strategy and integrate them into your business using pre-built accelerators. You gain access to software from leading vendors, such as: Google, Microsoft, Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and Workday.


Design to transform lives

How do we do it?

  • Design Language & Style Guide

    Enterprise resource planning

    Operating model, business process, and technology design / implementation to support the adoption of cloud SAP, Oracle Cloud, NetSuite, or Workday financial and supply chain solutions.

  • UI Prototyping

    Customer relationship management

    Operating model and technology design / implementation to support the adoption of offpremise solutions.

  • High Fidelity Design

    Human resources transformation

    Human capital business model and technology design / implementation services to support the adoption of cloud technologies such as Workday, SAP, or Oracle Cloud.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Other SaaS domains

    Business process and technology design and implementation to support the adoption of enterprise cloud applications across a wide set of functions including e-commerce, content management, billing, and more.

frequently asked


  • SaaS or Software as a service in simple terms is a method of delivering a particular software product’s access online. The client can access the software from anywhere, any device as long as they have an internet connection.

  • There are many advantages of SaaS. A few of them are - Reduced time in using the benefits as it is already installed and ready to use. Secondly it is far more cost effective than the traditional model of installing the software on your desktop.

  • SaaS works very differently from the traditional method of installing the software on the device. SaaS is a way of using the software through a virtual machine aka the cloud.

  • Yes, since the software is web based and not hardware based, they are easily customizable.

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