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Yespeal comes with expert experience in providing cyber-security solutions for more than 5 countries across industries. We have a deep understanding of modern digital security challenges and industry-specific requirements to provide round-the-clock threat monitoring, intelligence, and response services to clients.

We have strong partnerships with leading security solution vendors. This gives us exclusive access to programs and product support services, so that we can build a tailored solutions for your business needs.

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Implement cyber-security

We have set-up a security implementation process that works towards building a comprehensive repository of accelerators, reusable assets, and frameworks for accelerating your security compliance as per industry standards.

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We explore to find security solutions that cover all your needs.

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Building the right security architecture as per requirements.

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Prepare an execution plan to implement within timelines.

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To deploy as per defined architecture within anticipated timelines.

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Keeping all aspects in your specific environment variables.

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To reduce error and maximize efficiency to an acceptable level.

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User Acceptance Testing is our last step before handover to the client.

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Reduce IT security spends

With Yespeal, you can minimize the TCO of your company security area to experience quick ROI. We ensure this through deployment of cost-efficient enterprise security products, thanks to our wide range of security products and consolidation of risk silos.

Now you can secure your customers’ personal data and enhance customer delight and avoid the loss of reputation and data breaches.

We have partnership with Industry giants to give you

The Top-notch Cyber-security Solutions

  • Firewall
  • Vulnerability Mgmt
  • Risk Mgmt
  • ITSM
  • OT/Iot Security
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Compromise & Threat Assessment
  • EDR
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  • There is no approach for compliance risk that can be defined as one-size-fits-all. For every risk assessment case, we evaluate all the elements that make up the entire compliance of your company, then the policies, due diligence, and level maintained in the current risk scenario. This we do to accomplish the evaluation of your entire compliance risks to address the right risks. Managing risks is not that simple, Yespeal takes an approach using end-to-end due diligence towards your issue. So that you get solutions that help you to automatically to screen and categorize any third party connections built. We understand the latest enforcement policies that are a must for organizations, followed by monitoring continuously, plus updating compliance. Managing compliance risks is not simple, rather it involves numerous complicated methods as well as a united effort to create an ethical practice.

  • Our CRMPs are incurred as a guide of monitoring tools to support companies in complying with the provisions included in applicable acts of risk management. Compliance risk management includes implementing key risk factors and least compliance measures while concentrating on the concepts of several laws and implementing to-the-point responses. Most vital is that the CRMPs recognize the connection with all other related laws, and all references to outlining, related acts, sections, and guidance are hyperlinked to the suitable text of the citing law to permit for source data and quality checking.

  • Risk management is predicting and controlling risks that might prevent any business from reliably obtaining its objectives under dilemma. Compliance indicates to adhering with the mandated limits, it's laws and regulations, along with voluntary company boundaries like the company policies, its procedures, and more.

  • There are two parts to any security policy. One deals with countering external threats to preserving the uprightness of the system. Then comes the modification/limiting of internal risks by specifying the fitting use of network sources.

    While petitioning external threats, we experience to recognize your risks with the market measures and vulnerabilities, and forming policy conforms to legal specifications.

  • Just having a policy is very different from enforcing it. Lastly, tools to enforce security policy is presumably one of the most cost-effective possession any business need.

  • To make sure the company is prepared, it is vital to take a layered appearance with cybersecurity. It is important to warrant your program, make sure it brings to the table the ability to engage in a risk-based strategy and facilitates your teams to expose incidents, investigate efficiently, and respond swiftly. It is very important to keep in check the access, to monitor vendors and contractors as well as the workforce. You must also know what your users are doing with the company data to reduce data leakage. Next, it is wise to monitor user activity, as you back up the data. This is done to identify any unapproved function and verify user moves that violate the security norms. Even after following all measures, companies still get breached sometimes, but when you hold a response plan laid out ahead of time, it allows you to stop any vulnerabilities, limit damage, and allow remediation efficiently.

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